I recently got an email from a client who mentioned that his marriage is dying. He mentioned that his wife is losing interest in him by every passing day. He has been very busy with work so he has been spending less time together and she is lately been talking about leaving him.

This is not something new.

I hear these stories all the time.

Men and women have very different expectations about love and relationships.

This usually happens because often you start ignoring your love life and invest all your attention to work or some other important adventure.

Often times you work harder because you want to provide more for her or simply because you are chasing your ambition.

And there is nothing wrong in doing so.

But while you are working to achieve whatever it is, she is feeling lonely and alone despite being in a relationship.

So you need to bring some balance in your life if you know that you will be busy for a longer period of time.

Here are few simple things you can do to keep her feeling alone:

Leave work at work: Stop thinking about projects or plan your next day once you get home. This will allow you to free up time and be present around your woman. It will also help you feel rejuvenated for the next day.

Skip your TV show: Many couples these days spend their evenings watching TV. I include myself in this group. It is ok to do this but if you are not spending much time with her lately then cut back on TV or internet time and spend that time talking to her.

When a woman is alone all day she begins to miss having you. She cannot share with her friends or colleagues things she can share with you. When this goes on for a while she begins to feel the need to have someone close she can share things with.

No matter how busy or tired you are, make it a habit of spending 30 minutes in the evening and 30 minutes in the morning talking to her. This way she won’t miss having someone close to her.

Go for a short 15-minute walk around the house. Hold her hands, look into her eyes and kiss her a few times.

Take a short vacation: If you both are really busy and do not have much time, schedule a vacation with no laptop. I go on short sometimes weekend vacations with my wife every couple of months. This allows us to forget about everything else and just be with each other. When we are busy, it allows us to focus on the upcoming vacation so we know we will be able to spend some time together.

Reach out to her: No matter how busy you are, reach out to her from time to time. If you spend 2 minutes of your time texting her back and forth during the day she will feel your presence. My wife and I often send each other just emoji’s. I’ll send her a dolphin and she will reply with an elephant and there you go we both know we are thinking of each other.

Exchange Love: One of the things I find couples do not do enough is saying I love you to each other. You do not need to do this every day but tell her as often as you can that you love her.

When you are about to leave the house or when you get back from work spend one minute kissing her. When you go to bed spend couple minutes kissing her and holding her.

Remember a woman is with you to have love of a man. You can focus on work and chase your ambitions but do not leave her behind in the process or you will lose her. What is the point of earning anything if it takes away the happiness of the person you care the most for?

So get into the habit of doing the above things and she will not miss your love and affection. She will not feel alone.

This might take a little effort at first but once you do this for few days it will become second nature to you and won’t feel like work anymore.

Hope this helps!

Magic Leone