Dating is very complicated today. What is even more difficult, is finds the woman you want for a committed relationship.

Here are the 6 tips that enabled me to find and keep that special woman.

1. Meeting that special woman:

I can show you 50 unique places to meet all types of women, take them on an instant date… and even have sex with them… within minutes of meeting them. But, I cannot tell you when and where you’ll run into “that woman”… the woman, who is right for you. I slept with some 400 women, all over the world to find my woman. She was, literally, delivered to my door.

You can control your dating and sex life… but you can never know when you will find that special woman.

Until you find that special woman, enjoy your single life. Date as many women as you can. This will help you identify what you like, and what you don’t like. My instruction will actually help you become a better partner in any style of relationship. When you learn to truly understand women, as well as, enjoy their company, you’ll exude the type of confidence that all women find irresistible.

Talk to all woman. You never know… her friend could be the one for you.
Don’t make a list of what you want in a woman. It only limits your search. When the right woman comes along, you’ll forget your “list”.

I have a great report on 27 of my favorite places to meet women. You can download it HERE and discover some great places to meet and date women on daily basis: 27 Places To Date Women. This way you can start dating women right away.

2. Learn The Skills:

By the time men come to me for advice, it is often too late. They have met a woman they like and have created a bad impression, or reached a place where she has lost all interest in them.

It is very important that you learn this skill set today and not wait until you meet that special woman.

It’s not learning what to do, but more importantly… learning what not to do… and how to do it differently.

Most men who come to my workshop are not aware that they display behaviors, habits, and mannerisms that are killing their chances of being with women.

90% of men today are not up to speed with modern dating. They are still stuck in the old ways of taking women out on three dates, kissing at the end of the date, and so on. This just does not work today…

3. Build Confidence

Lack of confidence is killing all your chances with women.
Years of bad programming have convinced you that you cannot be the popular guy with women. When you see a beautiful woman, you experience negative thoughts that lead to fear and anxiety, and ultimately walking away.

Believe me, with my Indian accent and receding hairline, I used to feel the same way. And… I am the guy who has slept with over 400 women and married someone 12 years younger!

Your pathway to success with women means totally reprogramming your thinking and behaviors. I have hundreds of client stories from men struggling with everything from cheating wives/girlfriends to physical handicaps. I have helped them overcome their lack of confidence and poor self-esteem. After coaching, many went on to date and marry amazing women. Read some of their inspirational success stories here: Success Stories

If you are unsure where to start: Download the Attraction Bible Course or set up a Free Coaching Consult with me. You can get the details here: 3 Day Bootcamp

4. Relationship Guide:

Now that you have the right training and mindset, you are ready to date and have sex with as many women as you wish. It is only a matter of time until you meet that special woman you desire.

There is a big difference between initial attraction and relationship. We fall in love out of emotions… but we make a rational choice to be in a relationship.

This means for a woman to be with you, she needs more than just lust and attraction. You have to learn how to effortlessly impress her friends and family. You have to create an image of what life will look like to be with you. The idea is …this woman needs to feel she could live her life with you.

…If you haven’t already watched the relationship blueprint… do it now. This system teaches you how to lead a woman from meeting you to seeing you as her boyfriend.

5. Be Available And Show Intention

Let this woman know that you are open to having a relationship with her. Don’t ask her to be your girlfriend and never pressure or try to persuade her. But, let her know that you like her and that you can see yourself with her.

Most humans, especially women, are afraid of rejection. They keep their guards up and hesitate to show their real feelings in case other person does not return them. Letting them know that you are willing to be in relationship allows them to start thinking in this direction. They may not match your feelings right away and that’s ok.

Here is an additional pointer that might help you: The behavior that works to attract women does not serve well in relationship. In the beginning, it’s great to flirt with other women, make her jealous, and not be available all the time. But as time goes by, she needs to know that she is the only one and that there is no competition. No woman wants to compete with other women for all her life.

6. Act Like A Lover Does

I teach my clients that when they first meet a woman, they should act as if they are already dating this woman. I suggest they stand close… like the comfortable space between lovers. This makes a woman feel like she is already with you and relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

Do the same in relationship. Act as if you two are already committed. Say things that lovers would do. For example, when we first met, I used to tell my wife how we were so much better than the other couples out there… or how someone was jealous of our partnership.

When I had disagreements with them, I fought like lovers do. I used to say things like: “I need some space for few hours, or give me a few days to cool down”. I would let her know that just because I am upset… it’s is not the end of the world.

Once, I hid her shoe until she apologized to me J I feel this really gave a massive push to our relationship.

I started using words like we, instead of her and me, and this established us as one unit.

I cooked for her and made her cook for me.

Basically, we did things that a couple would do together and without saying a word… we had become lovers devoted to each other.

I highly recommend that you invest some time learning the modern rules of dating. This will set you apart from other men and make you charismatic to women. It is an absolute must that you learn how to charm women within minutes of meeting them and continue to keep them in your life. This is the only way you will be prepared for that Amazing Woman that shows up in your life.

Best Wishes
Magic Leone