Exercise 1:

Take a pen and a paper and write down something unique about you. It could be

your profession, hobby, skill or a trait. It should be something that:

1. Sounds Interesting

2. Shows You Are Different Than Other Men

3. Allows You To Inject Sex And Humor

4. Allows You To Give Her A Genuine Compliment

Next, plan some questions or statements that you can use when talking to a woman the next time and execute this hook.

Exercise 2:

What I want you to do now is think of 5 moves you can make around women that will stand you apart and make you look cool. It could be sitting on the floor, talking to bartenders and servers around her, have some unique facial expressions etc. If you need help with this read Love Signals Book or Watch Attraction Bible Videos to get additional help.

Exercise 3:

Write down on a piece of paper:

  1. 5 ways to touch a woman that you can use right away and in every setting.
  2. 5 sexual compliments you can give when you want to seduce her.
  3. 2 sexual conversations that you can embed in your conversations to arouse her.
  4. 3 non verbal arousal gestures like eye contact or scanning her body to arouse her.
  5. 2 conversation pieces that establishes as a sexually superior guy.

Exercise 4:

Write down on a piece of paper:

  1. Your end goal. Whether you want to take her home, have sex at the venue, ask her on a date etc.
  2. Write down your strategy to lead her. For example, you will ask her to join you for an activity. Hold her hand and walk to wards restroom. Ask her to go to another venue with you. Tell her you want too take her home etc.