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No Sex For 10 Years To Foursome In One Week

I trained a client who recently got out of a long sexless relationship. He had some success after the workshop and here is what he had to say:

UnknownI was married for nearly 10 years in dysfunctional sexless relationship. Everyday, for years, I would work and she would take care of our son. I would come home from work, she would cook dinner and then she would go out at night and sleep with other guys. It killed my self esteem. I believed I didn’t deserve better.

When I recently became single, the “single scene” seemed daunting. I had no skills, no “game” and no self esteem.

I stated looking for help. I knew I deserved a lot more. I am a good guy. I am handsome (so I’ve been told). I am also successful in my field. I also knew I could not dig out of this hole on my own. I started looking for help. I bought some books, read some website but then I ran into Magic’s Attraction methods. On my very first weekend, as a single man, after checking out the T.E.A.S.E. videos (but before taking the course), I landed a beautiful young blonde 26 year old women at a bar (just a phone number on the first night).

Seeing that this system might work (and after seeing that Magic’s methods were all natural and not based on how much you could fake), I signed up.

After some training on the first day, that same night on the field, another student and I got laid (on the same night!!!). Wow!! On the second night of training, I was able to do something that I’ve never been able to do. I went up to several groups of women and I was able to strike up engaging conversations (my biggest hurdle).

The real magic started happening about a week later. I went to Miami on business trip. One of the nights on the business trip, I went out by myself. I met three female tourists. Using all of the attraction methods, the girls stayed with me the whole night. At several times through out the night we did a “four-way” kiss. Wow!!! I was amazed. The girls aged 24-30. One was super hot, one was hot and the other was OK. We ended up back at their room (they shared a room) having sex all night!!!

All I can tell you is that I have never had this sort of success in my life; even when I was single before I was married.

Magic Leone is amazing. If you are thinking about the program, you will not be disappointed. He goes deep into your soul, rips out the bullshit and lets you fill it with who you are.

Thank you Magic. I am forever indebted.

Here is the screenshot of his email: 

When I first met him he said nature owes him lot of sex because of his dry spell. He reminded me of the time I used to date a woman who had just broken up with her boyfriend. One day she introduced me to him and I found out why she got tired of him.

She was the only daughter of a millionaire. When she first met her boyfriend he was carefree and adventurous. She liked this about him. Through him she was able to live an adventurous life and do things she could never do before.

Soon they moved in and all of a sudden he became responsible. He stopped participating in activities, took a job and started devoting full time to make a career.

In short he stopped being the man she fell in love with.

This is a very common thing among men: most men are extremists!

They are either total carefree or they are total planners.

They think polars. They assume that they can be either good or bad.

This was the case with this client. By making one small adjustment he ended up having his first one night stand during the workshop.

Two days later he had his second one night stand.

And five days later he had a foursome.

In this video I explain the behavior that keeps men from getting success and what you need to do to get sexual power over women.

Until next time!
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Handicap Client Dating Multiple Women And Having Threesomes

Most men berate themselves continuously.

This makes them feel insecure and as a consequence they stumble around high quality women.

Story Of Erik

Last year I got a call from a guy named Erick. He wanted to learn from me.

During our conversation he mentioned that his dating life is struggling because of his physical handicap.

He also mentioned that he cannot stand for longer than 10 minutes at a time or he starts to lose balance and this is unattractive to women.

I disagreed and explained that it is not the handicap but his attitude that is preventing him from dating quality women.

He decided not to do the workshop at the time and ended up going to another company for coaching.

6 months later he signed up for ourT.E.A.S.E. workshop.

During the workshop I got to know Erick better.

I noticed his friends would tease him and make fun of his handicap.

Erick had accepted this frame and went along with the jokes.

It was very clear to me now that Erick had low self-esteem and had accepted the frame of being lesser than other men.

No wonder he felt insecure around women and displayed lack of confidence, which resulted in women losing interest in him.

Can Women Really Notice Insecurity In Men? Can’t We Fake Confidence?

Women do not have special powers to detect insecurity in you.

Your mannerism, behavior and interaction reveal your level of confidence.

Most men approach women and focus on spending time with them. Some focus on kino and sexual talk but very few men practice comfort around women.

When men feel insecure they hesitate to make extended eye contact. They delay touching and they get impatient around women. This clues women that you are feeling uneasy and they loose interest in you.

If you want to succeed with women…

You have to learn to feel secure around them.

You have to practice making extended eye contact and talk to women as if they are little girls.

This Is Not Hard At All…

Read Social Mastery Home Study Course I have an extended list of behavior and mannerisms that make women experience attraction for men.

Then watch the T.E.A.S.E. videos to see the execution of these behaviors.

This is precisely why I spend large amount of time time in my workshop helping men master the mannerisms that make them appear sexy to women.

Almost every client who has taken a workshop with me will tell you how women start interacting differently within MINUTES of training.

Almost every client will tell you how women approach me on regular basis. I still can’t remember a single day or workshop where some woman did not approach me.

Women approach me because they see a superior, confident and dominating man who is also real and down to earth.

This is what makes them want to approach and flirt with me.

How do women notice this in me without talking to me?

My mannerisms give it up.

And no I do not have aggressive body language. If anything I am a man who slouches all the time.

I get noticed because I appear relax. I make extended eye contacts and check women out. I look at them and exchange smiles. This makes me come across as a man who is used to beautiful women.

Now women want me.

Start implementing lessons fromT.E.A.S.E. and it will all begin to make sense.

How Erick Overcame Obstacles And Succeeded With Women

Erick signed up for our live pick up artist workshop.

During the workshop my main goal was to help Erick realize that he was no less than other men. Most of my lessons for him revolved around this theme.

At one point Erick lost his balance and fell down. Everybody rushed to pick him up. I asked everyone to stand back and let Erick get up on his own.

One of my coaches was a little upset with this call.

He mentioned that it was not the right call and that we should have helped Erick.

I looked at him and said, “Sure you should help him if you think he is lesser than you and cannot take care of himself. I think Erick is just as capable as you and I.

I wanted Erick and everyone else to realize that Erick is capable of taking care of himself.

Most men have some kind of handicap that limits them, Erick’s Struggle Was No Different.

Most men’s handicap stems from reason not visible to the naked eye. Erick had the benefit that his handicap was quite visible.

Erick got up without help.

This was the first time he felt empowered and began to realize that he was not less than any other man.

He began to realize that he is struggling but so are other men.

This shift brought a profound change in him.

He started to feel deserved and as a consequence his flirting style, behavior and mannerisms around women changed.

He became more relaxed, assuring, confident and dominating.

It is 9 months since our training and I got a call from Erick the other day mentioning that he is dating two different very attractive women.

One of them left her husband to be with Erick.

Both women are aware of his relation with the other woman.

Both women want to bring their beautiful female friends into relationship to have threesomes with Erick.

All of this because Eric shifted his attitude.

Here is the recording of my call with him so you can hear about his journey.

Do You Have Your Own Handicap?

Most men who come to my training have one thing in common: They feel they do not have what it takes to date attractive women.

Some men never approach attractive women because they feel they are not good looking.

Some men resist the temptation because they feel they do not know what to say.

The list goes on and on.

You Will Never Succeed And Date Attractive Women Unless You Start Believing That You Are Worthy And Desirable To Hot Women.

We all have our handicap that freezes us around beautiful woman.

If you want to succeed with high quality women figure out a way to defeat your attitude.

Start by identifying your handicap.

Pull out a piece of paper and write down all the reason why a woman will reject you. Don’t stop keep writing until you run out of reasons.

Ask yourself how to eliminate or overcome the obstacle that makes you feel unworthy of a quality woman.

You’ll discover that some of these reasons were simply a myth.

Next, make a list of reasons why a woman would be happier with you over other men.

This should be a good start for you. With this exercise you will start to discover that you have what it takes to date high quality women.

I highly recommend you do the writing exercises in the first third of the Social Mastery Book. These exercises are designed to help you feel confident around women.

Or get on fast track and come to a workshop. Let us help you identify and eliminate the factors that are preventing your success with women.

Once you start feeling confident and brush up your seduction skills it is only a matter of time before you end up with the kind of woman you truly desire.

Wish You All The Best!

Magic Leone
Magic Leone

Right Way To Seduce Women!

Few years back I was hanging out with a group of friends. We were two guys and three girls in the group. There was a girl in the group and we will call her Jenny for the sake of this lesson. Jenny and I were flirting with each other. Later that evening we all friends were walking downtown having a good time.

Teasing and flirting continued between Jenny and me. In fact the intensity kept on increasing. There came a time when we both made strong eye contact while walking. The only right thing to do at the time was to get sexual by holding her hand. And I did just that.

I slowly extended my hand towards her and held half of her palm. I did not want the touch to be too much or too aggressive. I also made the move quietly to avoid her embarrassment in case our friends notice.

She did not hesitate and held my hand. We hardly walked 10-15 steps and we felt like we had to let go of the hand. From that point on the attraction continued to go downhill and gradually all was lost.

I figured it died because I did not know how to handle past holding her hand which was partially true.

Right Way To Seduce Women!

Sometime later I was attending a party at my college dorm rooms. There was a guy who was in similar situation as me. He was flirting with a girl who was part of the group. However he was behaving very differently that I did with Jenny.

This guy was not keeping his attraction for his girl on the low. He was pretty open about flirting with this girl. Interestingly he did the same exact thing of holding her hand except that he held her hand firmly and had a nice grip. And soon they were making out and things got more sexual.

Watching this guy I recognized exactly why I failed with Jenny. I was trying to keep my flirting and touching a secret assuming Jenny will get embarrassed if other friends see her. This guy on the contrary wanted everyone to see for in his mind he was not doing anything wrong.

I was afraid to touch Jenny and wanted her to feel comfortable with my touch. This guy on the contrary dominated his girl with his touch. He made his girl feel feminine and as a result things got sexual between them.

Seduce Women With Confidence!

This is a key lesson to learn: If you go after a woman go with full confidence. Do not hesitate about how she would feel. Women can always say no if they don’t feel comfortable. If you hesitate to get sexual or if you act as if there is a need to be secret about your act, you will make the woman feel uncomfortable and the attraction she has for you will die.

When I approach a woman now I know it is the only natural and the right thing to do. I get sexual and I believe women enjoy it as well. This makes it easy for me to continue.

Once in a while a woman asks if I am trying to get into her pants?

My answer: yes but not just yet. I need to know you more before I go to bed with you.

Women feel comfortable dating me and getting sexual with me because I make them feel that it is normal to do so.

Secret Sauce To Seduce Women!

I’ll say again it is very important to learn the right behavior and belief system. These two are the driving force to make sex/relationship happen.

The question is how do you learn the right behavior and attitude in a time when there is so much junk surfing around you.

When I started I used to go to bars, clubs and restaurants and watch couples interact. Watching their body language, eye contact, touch gave me an idea what romantic and sexual interaction with women looks like. At times I still make my clients observe couples as part of the workshop.

Watching couples and their body language helps you to read where women stand in an interaction. This is how I can tell if a woman wants to sleep with me or not.

Here is an example a very common one: Sometimes I have a client who will get a woman’s phone number and come to me.  I would yell at him for walking away saying why he left when the woman wanted to go home with him. I will send him back to reengage the woman and he will end up taking her home.

These clients always ask me the next day how I figured that the woman would end up going home with them.

The answer is EXPRIENCE.

Watching couples have trained me to read women’s body language.

Little Things That Bring You Success With Women!

Read Social Mastery Book. I have given few examples there on how to read a woman’s body language along with numerous exercises and a step by step blue print to get better with women.

Sign up for a workshop with me. I guarantee you that I will change your life forever!

Read reviews on my websites. Students who take workshop with me not only succeed with women but also start progressing in career and other areas of their life. Honestly man if my workshop cannot get you laid nothing will.

There is a reason I give 100% money back guarantee: I know how to make you succeed with women. I know how to turn you into a perfect 10 so you can do whatever you want to with women. I know how to make men out of men but you have to allow me to do so.

Go to my workshop page and find a suitable date for a session with me. Sign up and simply let your success be my problem. If you do not find a date that works for you send me an email or call me 352-432-8464 and we will make something happen.

Good Luck and talk to you soon!

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This Technique Will Make Any Woman Melt!---Total Domination for You!

Some time back a friend of mine asked if I was going to marry this particular woman, I dated few years back.

He explained the reason behind his curiosity.

He said he has never seen a couple in so much love and with such strong connection.

I smiled and told him that you can form such connections with every woman you meet.

In fact, you are supposed to form such connection with every woman you meet even if all you want is a one-night stand.

Few weeks later, I read a study published by some psychologist in US.

This study talked about the very same technique I use to form this unbreakable bond with women.

It reiterated the importance of this technique to set up relationship dynamics that enable you to dominate women.

Fortunately, this technique came naturally and effortlessly to me. I never thought about it or learnt from anyone. It just happened and became me.

I use this technique EVERY SINGLE TIME I find myself attracted to a woman. I have used it on EVERY SINGLE WOMAN that I have dated in the last 5 years.

I have mentioned about this in numerous videos, books and articles

Fool Proof Technique To Attract Women You Like!

When I meet women that I am attracted to, I immediately start talking to them as if they are 8-year-old little girls.

I tease them the way I would tease my niece or nephew. The MOST POWERFUL ELEMENT, I touch them in a way that makes them feel like a little girl.— Watch T.E.A.S.E videos to learn the right way of touching.

On the surface, this seems like a simple thing but I cannot stress enough; the power and importance of this technique to make a woman drop her guards.

When you will touch a woman using this technique, you will make her feel safe and warm inside.

This is because your interaction will make her experience emotions from childhood, a time when most women feel safe and loved.

If you remember from basic biology touch, smell and other senses have the power to, INSTANTLY, transport us down the memory lane.

Once a woman steps into this state of mind, she starts to see you as a safe, strong and dependable person that she can rely for emotional support. These are all the triggers that generate attraction in a woman.

At this point you can lead her to do whatever you want because you have total control over her mind and body.

You can also use the speech patterns that make her experience the state of a little girl. It will be just as effective.

Now you know why women respond so well when you call them dork or a brat or give them a noogie.

You can use this technique years after you have been married to a woman and it will still be as effective.

Practice incorporating this technique into your interaction and watch how women start responding differently to you.

Make Attractive Women Desire You As The Man For Them

Click here to get Social Mastery Home Study Course to learn amzing techniques to seduce women effortlessly.

Show up for a live training workshop and let me help you incorporate seduction moves based on your life style and personality.

Once you are done training with me, sky is the limit!

Read client reviews here to get an idea on what kind of results you can expect after training with me.

Send me an email if you are curious to get more information on doing a workshop with me.

Until next time!

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