How To Ask A Girl To Have Sex With You

2 Ways To Ask A Girl To Have Sex With You When You Meet Her The First Time (Everything You Need To know)

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How To Ask A Girl To Have Sex With You When You Meet Her For The First Time

Hey man, today I will teach you 2 great ways to ask a girl to have sex with you when you meet her the first time.

Let me start by saying: you never ask a girl to have sex with you. You arouse a woman step by step and get her ready to have sex with you.

The first step to having sex with a woman is to generate massive sexual tension. Make extended eye contact with her, touch her everywhere, go for the first kiss, increase it to a full blown make out and tongue her.

If she is responding well then keep escalating. Bite her neck, squeeze her hands, whisper dirty talk, pull her hair gently and initiate sex. If you don’t know how to do this then watch TEASE videos on how to meet a girl and generate fast sexual tension. You can watch the video here: Attraction Bible

Here are a few ways to initiate sex depending on where you are:

If you are at a public venue, you have 2 choices:
Initiate Sex In the Bathroom: When a woman is aroused and ready to have sex, she does not care where it happens. I have had sex with women in public places dozens of time. But please know you’re local and state laws because it may not be legal where you are and you do not want to get in trouble.

In this case, I keep escalating my touch and kisses. Then walk a few steps towards the bathroom. Stop on the way then kiss some more, say something like I can’t hold back any longer then softly bite her on her lips and neck and walk again towards the restroom. I pause again outside the restroom, repeat my kiss, touch and talk then take her by the hands and walk straight into the restroom and to an empty stall. Then it’s on.

If there is an attendant, I hand him a generous tip. Sometimes when I know I will have sex with the woman, I go to the restroom and tip the attendant in advance. Then when I come to the restroom he has already blocked a stall for me with out of order sign.

When You Take Her Home:

When it’s time to take a woman home I never ask her if she wants to come over instead say something romantic and lead her.

I say one of the following three:
1. I just look in her eyes and say you know you are going home with me.

2. I make it sound a bot more romantic. I am not letting you go – we have to spend the night together. I don’t care if we walk the streets all night long like a couple of homeless but we are going to be together tonight.

3. I look in her eyes then whisper in her ear: I want you right now and walk towards the exit with her. I stop again, look in her eyes and ask: You ok with it? They usually say yes or they ask what should they do with their car etc.

When I get into the car, I make sure to do something to keep the woman aroused. I know if I were to drive for 20 minutes the sexual tension will die and she may not want to have sex anymore.

So when I drive I do one of the 2 things:
1. I look at her and say: Pull your pants down, start masturbating but make sure you do not cum.” They usually ask once what did I say? I look in their eyes and say again: “Pull your pants down and start masturbating. Make sure you do not come.” I have never had a woman say no to this.

I know this sounds very shocking to most men. They assume no woman would ever do this. But the truth is completely different. Women love masturbating in the car. They experience sexual freedom in such acts. You see women are told all their lives to be a good girl and don’t do bad things. So doing this bad thing liberates them. In fact, I make most of my girlfriends masturbate in the car from time to time just to give them a good experience. I only do this at night to make sure no one can see inside.

Then once they start masturbating, I ask them if they want me to talk dirty to them. They usually say yes. I then ask them how to touch themselves. I will as them to tell me how they taste. They will usually offer me their finger for a taste and I say no I will taste you later right now I want you to tell me how you taste. You can then talk as much dirty stuff as you want.

I then remind them again NOT to CUM. This is important because if they have an orgasm they will ask you to turn around.

2. You could also use a simple version of this if you find this too much. You could simply drive home and talk dirty to her. Ask her what type of bra she is wearing and ask her to define in detail. Then ask her what type of panties she is wearing and once again ask her to tell you to color, the fabric and all the details about it. You can keep going deeper and ask more probing questions. Tell me what do you wear when you go to bed. Do you wear panties, do you wear a bra, do you like sleeping naked. Ask her if she ever fantasies about having her wrist tied with her bra, being taken by a man etc. The idea is to keep talking sensual dirty stuff and keep her aroused until you reach home and can have sex with her.

Side note: Often times a woman will take you home with her. This usually happens when she has another friend with her and she does not want to leave her friend/friends behind. This is why I teach my clients that they should never ignore the friends of the woman they like because they can create objection in the end or support taking you home. And I advise clients to go out alone because women will be ok taking you home but not your friend. He could end up being a deal killer for you.

I teach these moves to my clients and it works like Magic for them so use it and see how easy it is to initiate sex with a girl for the first time.

Approaching Women At The Gym. Approaching Crush At The Gym

How To Approach Women At The Gym (Female Perspective)

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Approaching Women At The Gym. Approaching Crush At The Gym. How To Approach Women At The Gym

In this video fitness trainer, Mary shares her insight on the right way to approach women at the gym. She discusses what makes women uncomfortable when you approach them and how to make the right move. She shares insight into the female mind and tells you the right way to approach women at the gym and ask them out on a date.

How To Text A Girl | How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Over Text

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How To Text A Girl | How To Text A Woman | How To Text A Woman For The First Time

Hey, this is Magic from and today I will teach you how to text a girl the right way and get her to respond right awayl.

Here you go:

1. You can text her when you want. There is no good or bad time but there is a good or bad first text message. Generally, I send a text to her right away when I take her number. This way she has my number and I do not have to remind her who I am when I text her.

2. Take her phone and type your name. Better if you can add something so she remembers who you are. So maybe you were teasing her a lot or calling your drunk or talking about a rock star. In these situations you can type your name: “Magic The TEASE” or “Magic The Alcoholic” Or “Magic The Michael Jackson”. She does not have anyone’s name stored this way. And every time she will get a call or text from you she will instantly transport to this happy moment with you which is important. When you text or call her, if she already remembers the feeling of having a good time with you, she is more like to respond quickly and positively.

You can also take a photo together and assign to the contact in her phone.

You could also save her name in this manner in your phone and send her a screenshot of how she appears on your phone. You can send this screenshot to initiate the text.

If you ever reach a dead end with her, you could send a text message with that screenshot by saying one of my friends saw your name and was awfully confused with the title and leave it at that…she will 100% take the bait and respond. This is a great way to restart dead conversations

3. Never start your text message with hey or hi or how are you doing or was nice meeting you last time. When you do that it is almost like starting a new conversation. It is too much work to build connection again and this usually drives women away. Instead, send her a text message from the high point of your conversation. This the point where you both were having a lot of fun and shared a great connection. So let’s say you both were teasing each other then send the first text as a tease if you were joking send the first text as a joke, if you were talking about something let’s say an actor or a place make the first text about that topic. This way it does not feel like a new interaction but a continuation of the conversation from the moment you both had a good connection.

4. Never get sexual or romantic via text message even if she initiates it. This is the fastest way to kill the tension between the two of you. You express all romantic/sexual fantasies and she does the same. Except you are not able to take it to the next level because you are not next to each other. You should ONLY flirt when you are next to a woman because then when she flirts back you can, touch her, kiss her and take her home.

5. I ask a woman out on a date like I ask my friend to come out to meet me. I like to keep it simple.

I never make plans in advance. 9 out of 10 times those plans do not work.

I usually text her and make the plans for the same day, probably a few hours later for the same day. So I may text her at 1 in the afternoon and ask her to meet me for coffee on her way back from work. Or that I’ll text her around 5 and say I feel like drinking tonight and ask her to join me at so and so bar etc.

This usually works best because it sounds like a friend asking her out and it seems spontaneous not preplanned therefore she not feel the pressure of going on a romantic date. And once she meets you can pick up on flirting again.

If you follow this guideline you will always succeed with women.

Man having rough sex with an attractive woman

Sex Technique That Will Keep Her Coming Back For More

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Today I am going to share a sex move that drives women crazy. I have never met a woman who did not lose control and chased me every day for sex once I used this technique on her. And you should use this too.

Almost every woman has a secret fantasy to be taken by a man. They desire a man to fuck them senseless, use their body, punish them and treat them like a piece of meat.


I use this secret to my advantage from the minute I meet a woman. I steer my conversation with her to a place where I can tell her that she can have rough sex with me. This arouses them and they want to experience rough sex with me. It makes my life easy to take them home.

Here are some of the ways I bring this up:

When I Meet Her At A Bar, Club Or Street:
1. Pointing at her piece of jewelry, I would say with a suspicious voice: You are into bondage! You like being tied down and taken – Oh my God you are a dirty girl. And I will laugh so she knows I am not judging her.

Then I wait for her response. If she says I am not or asks how do I know

I respond: It’s your (jewelry). My ex-girlfriend used to wear that and she told me that this jewelry is a secret signal from women who are into bondage. I then noticed all her friends used to wear the same piece. And she was into hardcore bondage. I cannot even say out loud the things I did to her. Let’s just say when I was done with her, she could not walk properly for days. And she loved it every time. So basically I have told her that I enjoy rough sex and if she is with me she can have it too. How many men do you think talk about this to women? ZERO! And so you stand apart, you become the sexually charged guy and you are not even hitting on her. But knowing she can have wild sex with you, triggers arousal and massive attraction for you.

When She Has A Boyfriend:
Me: Nice! Do you like him? Is he the bad boy who pulls your hair, bites you all over, tie your hands and make you beg? I can tell that is what you enjoy! Glad you have someone like that.

If she responds yes he does that (99% she is lying) but it doesn’t matter. You have planted the idea that with you she can have wild sex also that you get her female needs that her man does not.

If she responds and says no I am not that girl: Just laugh and say my bad. I only said this because you remind me of one of my exes. She looked just like you, dressed like you, hair like your, mannerisms like yours. The fact is that I approached you because for a second I thought it was her. And since she was the wild one I assumed you were probably same – then laugh.

But I gotta tell you, I miss her. She was a total freak and I loved it about her. We had the most intense/disturbing sex but God we enjoyed every second of it. And if you meet her outside the bedroom you can’t tell that is how she would be in bed. I wish more women were like that.

Anyways bottom line, I hope your man is doing dirty, disgusting and unspeakable things to you. I mean what’s the point of having sex if you do not wake up feeling ashamed of yourself and wondering if you are a whore. Unless you feel like a whore you have not had good satisfying sex and you do not have the right sexual chemistry with your guy. At least that is how I measure compatibility and clearly, I am messed up in my head.

(So you see I talk sexual content but add jokes and laughter to keep it light. I also call myself messed up and all so I do not come across as a guy who does not understand what “normal” is by social standards. I also use words like dirty, disgusting whore because women love talking like that as long as it is not used in insulting tone) This is what makes me stand part, cool and sex God in her eyes) She realizes she is missing this with her man and even if she tries this with him she will fail because most probably he is uncomfortable with this. It’s how men are.)

When She Is Just A Friend:
Start by asking if she seeing someone. Does not matter what she says follow up by saying:

I hope he was a bit mental next guy date is a bit mental. She will probably laugh and ask why. Respond by saying: In my experience, normal people are boring in bed. They are too conscious. Men and women who are mental make great partners in bed. They do not hold back.

I just went on a date with this girl last week and we instantly connected. It was our first date but she was asking me to tie her to bed, have rough sex and punish her. I lost count on how many orgasms she had. We both had a great time. You could also mention that this how sex was with your ex. (Once again. I am keeping it light by saying make sure your partner is mental etc.)

You can go into as much detail as you want but keep it sounding softcore porn/romantic or she will get creeped out.

You could also bring this topic up by sharing a negative story as long as it makes you sound sensitive and thoughtful. I sometimes talk about a woman I was horsing around with. At some point, I must have pulled an angry expression on my face and she4 got scared. I just jumped off the bed and told her she is safe. I maintained my distance to make sure she feels safe then she laughed and asked me to come back and I told her I will never hurt her. This shows I am sensitive and paying attention and will never hurt a woman.

I can write stories and examples for days but you got the idea.

When you meet a woman let her know you enjoy rough sex and it will trigger massive attraction in her for you. I teach this to all my advanced students and they get massive results with it.

Then when I take her to bed, I make sure to have rough sex with her (again with her consent) and do dirty things to her. Once you give her this experience, you have ruined her for all other men. She can date 500 men but will keep coming back to you for good sex. I cannot tell you the number of emails women have sent me telling me how they were thinking of me while having sex with someone else and similarly I have 100’s of clients who have received similar responses from women. This is the best way to hook her for life.

Hope this helps you!

Take care!

How To Get A Woman's Phone Number

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How To Get A Woman’s Phone Number | How To Get A Girls Phone Number | How To Ask A Woman For Her Phone Number

Hey man, today I will teach you my Golden Technique on How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number. You Will Learn How To Ask A Woman For Her Phone Number If You Just Met Her.

I will make it better by teaching you a golden technique to take her out on a date right away even before you ask for her phone number.

Basically, every man who likes a woman talks to her for a while then asks for her phone number so he can text and ask her out. Women know this game and are bored of it. You take the advantage of this fact and do what other men don’t do: Take Her On An Instant Date As Opposed To Asking For Her Phone Number. Why get her number and chase her to come out for a date when you can take her on a date right away.

This is new, it is refreshing, it stands you apart from other men and women have no clue how to handle this situation so it works almost every time.

So when you meet a woman you like, instead of ending the conversation say something like:”You are a very interesting person, now I want to know more about you! Let’s have a cup of coffee/juice/drink.” and take her on an instant date. If you want to see this in action watch this video where I approach a woman on the street and take her on an instant date:

Now if you really cannot go on an instant date because you or the woman cannot make it, give this woman your phone number instead of asking for her’s. Once again she is expecting you to ask for her phone number and chase her like other men do. But by offering your number and saying text me if you want, you demonstrate that you are not like other men and that you are not dying to be with her. Women are not ok with men not liking them a 100%. This makes her want to chase you and make you like her. Now she is the one after you.

Most guys wait until the end of their interaction and get her phone number as a prize for their interaction. You don’t want to be that guy. You don’t want to show you care about getting her phone number. So the best strategy is to find a reason to ask her phone number in the beginning or middle stages of your interaction. Maybe you guys are talking about a venue, a topic or a music album. Ask her to give you her phone number so you can send her whatever it is you are talking about.

Make it sound more like a business deal. That you are only asking for her phone number to send her something and not because you are interested in her. It makes it easy for her to give you her number and she will respond right away when you text because she is not expecting you to ask her out on a date.

When you text a woman, don’t make the mistakes other men make and drive her away. Watch my video on texting rules so you can create a strong connection with her.

Hope This Helps!


Make First Move On A Girl

Right Time To Make Your Move

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Clients often ask me is: “When to make a move on a woman? When to make the first move on a girl you like? When is the right time to start touching a woman, to go for the kiss, to ask her on a date, to start texting her and so on”.

Well here is the deal. There are very few moves that are time-based most moves depend on how comfortable she feels around you. If you are using the TEASE moves, generally speaking, you should go from meeting to sex in under an hour.

Here is a rough breakdown of the timeline when you are using TEASE Model:

(When To Make The First Move On A Woman)
The beginning stage lasts between 1-5 Minutes from the minute you see her

If She Is By Herself, Do The Following:

Eye Contact:
Make an extended eye contact before you approach her or right as you approach her. Look in her eyes a second longer than usual then slowly look away.

Touch her as soon as you approach her. Make an extended handshake, hold her hand as long as you can without making her feel uncomfortable or touch her on the shoulder if she is standing next to you or touch her knees if she is sitting next to you.

You can also compliment her right away but do it in a manner that does not make you look desperate.

When She Is With Her Friends
You can touch, make eye contact and compliment right away but whatever you do to her you need to do to her friend as well or she will get uncomfortable.

So if you hold her hand a second longer during the handshake, hold her friend’s hand longer as well. If you tell your girl she is pretty, follow it by telling her friend she is gorgeous too. If you only talk to the girl you like and ignore her friend she will begin to feel pressured and end the conversation.

When She Is With A Group
You need to make extended eye contact right away and initiate the first touch within 2-3 minutes of joining the group. You do not have to make eye contact or touch the rest of the group but you do have to introduce and make small talk to the group before you start flirting with her.

If You Meet At The Workplace
The best strategy in the workplace is to make eye contact and go for the extended handshake. You do not want to push any harder to make sure she does not get uncomfortable. This should be enough for her to know how you feel towards her and trigger feelings in her for you.

Middle Stage (5-30mins) (Getting Physical With A Girl)

We start creating a connection and seduce her in this stage.

We ask personal questions in this stage to create a connection and show her we like her. So I would ask something about her work or family then give her a unique compliment and finish it by saying: You are very different, I am glad I ran into you tonight.

You use the level 2 touches from the TEASE model and keep escalating until you kiss her. In this stage, you increase the frequency and the intensity of the touch while evaluating her comfort level and acceptance.

In this stage, you play with her hair, brush on her arms, hold her hands, breathe on her neck, make extended eye contact and go for the kiss.

How you go about doing this is that you initiate the first move, if she does not back off or gets uncomfortable you execute the next move and the next move until the kiss happens.

Now if at any stage she hesitates, pulls back, pushes you away, tells you that you are moving too fast or gives any other negative sign you stop right away.

You then build value for yourself, talk some more, and give more compliments to create a connection. Then make extended eye contact with her and step closer to her. If she maintains eye contact and is comfortable with you stepping close, then you can use the next touch and move forward. If she still hesitates you step back and build more value.

If she has a friend with her, make sure you do not ignore her. Engage her in the conversation as well! Touch her as well just keep the sexual touches for your girl.

Final Stage (30 mins – 1 hour) (Sex)

This is where you arouse her to the point of no return.
Go for a serious make out, give tongue, kiss her all over, gently pull her hair, gently bite her neck, squeeze her palms, lick her fingers.

You can also talk dirty things to her. Tell her she is in trouble, that she deserves to be spanked, that you want to do dirty things to her, you are losing control and so on. Ask her if she is wet, ask her if she tastes sweet or salty and if it is not right she will be punished for it.

Ask her to taste her self before she answers. If she offers you a taste say no, I will taste later when I am ready. The more you make her wait when she is aroused the more eager and desperate she will become to have you.

No man has ever talked to her this way or made her act this dirty, not even her boyfriend. This makes you a SEX GOD to her and she can’t hold back any longer. She is curious and wants to experience all the dirty things you will do to her.

At this point, she will reciprocate the kisses and touch. She will talk dirty as well or at least have a sexual response to your dirty talks. She will touch and kiss you madly as well.

When this happens, you can take her by the hands to the restroom and have sex there, in your car if it parked outside or leave for home.

Disclaimer: please know your local laws and make sure you do not get into trouble – it is not worth the risk

By The way, there are tons of specific example in Attraction Bible on how to touch women and seduce her along with the timeline. If you don’t have it already you should get it now. The good thing about the new course is that I have created short video clips in addition to the main course. When you go out on a date and get stuck you can quickly watch these short videos and get ideas on what to do next.

Or if you like, come to a workshop with me and let me pass you my skills to pick up women.

Hope this helps!

Why You Should Stop Watching Porn And Masturbating

Watching porn and masturbating is probably keeping you from sleeping with women and so you should stop RIGHT AWAY!

Here is an example: What will happen if you run out of money and have no job and no one to loan you money? You will probably look for ways to earn money. Now, what if someone keeps giving you money every day? Your urgency to earn money will disappear.

It is same with dating. By watching porn and masturbating you lose the urgency to seduce a woman. You go on like this for a long time and before you know you build a lifestyle of watching porn and masturbating as opposed to bringing women home.

In addition, when you watch too much porn your idea of sex and what pleases you, changes. It is then very hard to enjoy sex in a normal environment. You need a strong sexual theme to get aroused. Research shows that men who watch too much porn have a hard time maintaining an erection because they are missing the simulating sex scenes that they have gotten used to keeping an erection.

You also begin to feel depressed. When the only source of sexual pleasure is watching someone else having sex – it takes a toll on your state of emotion. You may not consciously recognize this but on a subconscious level, you are begging to accept that you are not good enough to attract hot women.

Trust me, I went through this myself. I got depressed early in my life and believed no woman will ever date me. I would watch porn and masturbate to keep my sanity. And before you know I was satisfied with my life without women until 1 day when I realized that masturbating was keeping me from meeting women.

I then promised myself that I won’t watch porn or masturbate until I start dating. I went almost a month without sex and was getting desperate. The more desperate I grew the more I started to learn ways to get women. I started going out and soon I had my first same night lay.

Now to be honest the woman I brought home was not attractive by my standards but I was desperate to have sex. So I did not care. But this started my journey to meeting women for sex. The more I brought women home the more my confidence improved and the more I was able to seduce hot women. Until one day when I had a lifestyle full of women.

If you want to succeed with women then take my advice. Promise yourself that you won’t watch porn or masturbate until you bring a woman home. Then make sure to stick to it. It will be hard for a week or two but soon you will be out meeting women and before you know you will be sleeping with attractive women.

Hope You Will Take This Advice To Heart And Act On It!
Take Care!

Why You Should Stop Worrying And Start Talking

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Why You Should Stop Worrying and Start Talking

People judge you less than you judge yourself. Sometimes we’re so worried about other people’s opinion that we don’t go after the things we really want. Later, we beat ourselves up for backing away and if this pattern continues we soon lose confidence.

I see this weekend after weekend in my workshops. Clients are afraid to approach women and talk to them. They have a laundry list of excuses why approaching women is a bad idea. What will people think, what happens if she rejects me, what will she think of me and so on.

Well here is the thing no one cares about you. No one has time to observe you so no one is watching you approach.

Rejection is a big thing for you but the woman who just rejected you is not even thinking of you.

So every excuse you make is just an excuse. You know it and I know it.

The funny thing is that you hate yourself when you do not approach a woman but if you approach a woman you like and things do not go well, you still leave feeling like a winner. So why would you deprive yourself of this feeling?

You can fool yourself into thinking that I will go back, learn some moves, practice them in the mirror and will be more prepared for the next time but this will never happen.

This will never happen because the fear of rejection is just that – fear. It is not something you can overcome by speaking in front of the mirror or by memorizing lines. It will never disappear until you start facing it head-on.

Once you start facing your fears and realize nothing bad happens your fears will disappear.

Every Friday evening my workshop starts with a client having a strong fear of approaching women. I push him to start talking to women and all of a sudden his fear of approaching is gone.

Then he starts experiencing fear of flirting with women, making eye contact, asking women on a date, kissing them and I keep pushing him past his next fear.

The end result is that end of the second night my clients are talking about strategies on how to take a woman home as opposed to how to get over the fear of approaching. They have experienced so many positive outcomes that anxiety and fear are not even an issue. They are now thinking the advanced game.

And if you want to become good with women, this is what you need to do. Start talking to women and you will realize nothing bad will happen and soon your fear will disappear. You will then start to enjoy meeting women and seducing them for sex.

Get into the habit of facing one fear at a time. Make a commitment to making eye contact with 2 women every day then increase it to making eye contact with every woman who crosses your path.

Next, force yourself to say hello to 2 women and keep pushing until you can say hello to any woman who crosses your path.

When you go out to a bar or a restaurant, make small talk with bartender, server or cashier to start feeling social. Then force yourself to interact with 5 women.

Keep advancing! Start making small talks, flirting, touching, kissing and taking them home. Before you know you will have mastered your fear of women and sleeping with some very attractive women.

And if you need help, I am always here. Sign up for a FREE Workshop Consultation with me and find out if training with me can help you.

What To Say After Hello

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One of the questions I get all the time is clients asking what should they talk about after saying hello.

What you say is less important and why you say is more important.

What you say next in the conversation depends on the outcome you are after. Are you looking to ask her phone number, do you want to take her on an instant date, do you want to ask her out on a date at a later time or do you want to have sex with her right away?

When clients come to my workshop, I teach them to go for sex right away. If for some reason it does not work out you can always set up a date for a later time or exchange numbers.

I find asking a woman on a date or taking her phone number to be a very slow approach.

No matter what you talk about, it should arouse her and pave the path to having sex.

I lead a woman to go a date or having fast sex with me by putting her in the frame that she is different and better than other women because she does not follow traditional rules. I tell her that I like that she does what she wants to even if other women would never do that. I tell her that unlike other women she is not shy but adventurous and open to trying new things. Now she complies because she wants to continue to come across as adventurous and openminded and boring and safe.

Women are tied down by traditional values so they often hesitate to move fast. With my conversation frame, I free them up and they no longer hold back.

This is how I lead her step by step to where I want her and eliminate all her hesitations and objections even before they come up.

Here is a general example:
Me: Hey
Her: Hi
Me: I will go right away into setting the frame by saying: I like your outfit and had to compliment you on it. Most women are too shy to wear something like this and I can tell you must be a very confident woman to wear this. (I differentiated her from other women. Said she does not follow tradition and other women will never do what she does.)

Let’s just say we exchanged names after Hi:
Her: My name is Jackie
Me: Jackie? Wow, I would have never guessed it. No offense to all the Jackies in the world but I find Jackie’s usually are very shy and traditional and you clearly are very confident, modern and broadminded. Umm, I think we need to change your name. (Once again I tell her she is different and better than any other Jackie I know. And I am telling her she is modern, confident and not traditional. This helps later when I go for the kiss or try to take her home.

Going for the kiss

At that point, I can simply lean in and say if you were a traditional Jackie I would never do this. but you are an amazing Jackie and I have to kiss you – then go for the kiss. ( So I made her feel special about the kiss. It also feels natural and connected to what we are talking about and it justifies me going for the kiss because I see her special. At this point, she will kiss me because she knows not kissing me would make her traditional and she may lose her “cool status”.)

And you can talk about anything as long as it helps reach this goal. I find that the simple, everyday topics are better to accomplish your goal than using pickup or other gimmicky stuff that raises her defenses. You can:
1. Talk about her surroundings
2. Talk about her work and life
3. Hare some story with her
4. Make a reading of her based on her appearance
5. And even politics or religion if you want – it does not matter

Just use her responses to make her feel special and different. Use her responses to eliminate her objections, to create a connection and to get sexual.

Think of 3-4 topics in advance and how you can lead a woman with them. Then go out and practice them. This is exactly how my clients start getting results overnight after training with me in person and this is how you will begin to make progress.

Hope this helps!