Man having rough sex with an attractive woman

Sex Technique That Will Keep Her Coming Back For More

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Today I am going to share a sex move that drives women crazy. I have never met a woman who did not lose control and chased me every day for sex once I used this technique on her. And you should use this too.

Almost every woman has a secret fantasy to be taken by a man. They desire a man to fuck them senseless, use their body, punish them and treat them like a piece of meat.


I use this secret to my advantage from the minute I meet a woman. I steer my conversation with her to a place where I can tell her that she can have rough sex with me. This arouses them and they want to experience rough sex with me. It makes my life easy to take them home.

Here are some of the ways I bring this up:

When I Meet Her At A Bar, Club Or Street:
1. Pointing at her piece of jewelry, I would say with a suspicious voice: You are into bondage! You like being tied down and taken – Oh my God you are a dirty girl. And I will laugh so she knows I am not judging her.

Then I wait for her response. If she says I am not or asks how do I know

I respond: It’s your (jewelry). My ex-girlfriend used to wear that and she told me that this jewelry is a secret signal from women who are into bondage. I then noticed all her friends used to wear the same piece. And she was into hardcore bondage. I cannot even say out loud the things I did to her. Let’s just say when I was done with her, she could not walk properly for days. And she loved it every time. So basically I have told her that I enjoy rough sex and if she is with me she can have it too. How many men do you think talk about this to women? ZERO! And so you stand apart, you become the sexually charged guy and you are not even hitting on her. But knowing she can have wild sex with you, triggers arousal and massive attraction for you.

When She Has A Boyfriend:
Me: Nice! Do you like him? Is he the bad boy who pulls your hair, bites you all over, tie your hands and make you beg? I can tell that is what you enjoy! Glad you have someone like that.

If she responds yes he does that (99% she is lying) but it doesn’t matter. You have planted the idea that with you she can have wild sex also that you get her female needs that her man does not.

If she responds and says no I am not that girl: Just laugh and say my bad. I only said this because you remind me of one of my exes. She looked just like you, dressed like you, hair like your, mannerisms like yours. The fact is that I approached you because for a second I thought it was her. And since she was the wild one I assumed you were probably same – then laugh.

But I gotta tell you, I miss her. She was a total freak and I loved it about her. We had the most intense/disturbing sex but God we enjoyed every second of it. And if you meet her outside the bedroom you can’t tell that is how she would be in bed. I wish more women were like that.

Anyways bottom line, I hope your man is doing dirty, disgusting and unspeakable things to you. I mean what’s the point of having sex if you do not wake up feeling ashamed of yourself and wondering if you are a whore. Unless you feel like a whore you have not had good satisfying sex and you do not have the right sexual chemistry with your guy. At least that is how I measure compatibility and clearly, I am messed up in my head.

(So you see I talk sexual content but add jokes and laughter to keep it light. I also call myself messed up and all so I do not come across as a guy who does not understand what “normal” is by social standards. I also use words like dirty, disgusting whore because women love talking like that as long as it is not used in insulting tone) This is what makes me stand part, cool and sex God in her eyes) She realizes she is missing this with her man and even if she tries this with him she will fail because most probably he is uncomfortable with this. It’s how men are.)

When She Is Just A Friend:
Start by asking if she seeing someone. Does not matter what she says follow up by saying:

I hope he was a bit mental next guy date is a bit mental. She will probably laugh and ask why. Respond by saying: In my experience, normal people are boring in bed. They are too conscious. Men and women who are mental make great partners in bed. They do not hold back.

I just went on a date with this girl last week and we instantly connected. It was our first date but she was asking me to tie her to bed, have rough sex and punish her. I lost count on how many orgasms she had. We both had a great time. You could also mention that this how sex was with your ex. (Once again. I am keeping it light by saying make sure your partner is mental etc.)

You can go into as much detail as you want but keep it sounding softcore porn/romantic or she will get creeped out.

You could also bring this topic up by sharing a negative story as long as it makes you sound sensitive and thoughtful. I sometimes talk about a woman I was horsing around with. At some point, I must have pulled an angry expression on my face and she4 got scared. I just jumped off the bed and told her she is safe. I maintained my distance to make sure she feels safe then she laughed and asked me to come back and I told her I will never hurt her. This shows I am sensitive and paying attention and will never hurt a woman.

I can write stories and examples for days but you got the idea.

When you meet a woman let her know you enjoy rough sex and it will trigger massive attraction in her for you. I teach this to all my advanced students and they get massive results with it.

Then when I take her to bed, I make sure to have rough sex with her (again with her consent) and do dirty things to her. Once you give her this experience, you have ruined her for all other men. She can date 500 men but will keep coming back to you for good sex. I cannot tell you the number of emails women have sent me telling me how they were thinking of me while having sex with someone else and similarly I have 100’s of clients who have received similar responses from women. This is the best way to hook her for life.

Hope this helps you!

Take care!

Why You Should Stop Watching Porn And Masturbating

Watching porn and masturbating is probably keeping you from sleeping with women and so you should stop RIGHT AWAY!

Here is an example: What will happen if you run out of money and have no job and no one to loan you money? You will probably look for ways to earn money. Now, what if someone keeps giving you money every day? Your urgency to earn money will disappear.

It is same with dating. By watching porn and masturbating you lose the urgency to seduce a woman. You go on like this for a long time and before you know you build a lifestyle of watching porn and masturbating as opposed to bringing women home.

In addition, when you watch too much porn your idea of sex and what pleases you, changes. It is then very hard to enjoy sex in a normal environment. You need a strong sexual theme to get aroused. Research shows that men who watch too much porn have a hard time maintaining an erection because they are missing the simulating sex scenes that they have gotten used to keeping an erection.

You also begin to feel depressed. When the only source of sexual pleasure is watching someone else having sex – it takes a toll on your state of emotion. You may not consciously recognize this but on a subconscious level, you are begging to accept that you are not good enough to attract hot women.

Trust me, I went through this myself. I got depressed early in my life and believed no woman will ever date me. I would watch porn and masturbate to keep my sanity. And before you know I was satisfied with my life without women until 1 day when I realized that masturbating was keeping me from meeting women.

I then promised myself that I won’t watch porn or masturbate until I start dating. I went almost a month without sex and was getting desperate. The more desperate I grew the more I started to learn ways to get women. I started going out and soon I had my first same night lay.

Now to be honest the woman I brought home was not attractive by my standards but I was desperate to have sex. So I did not care. But this started my journey to meeting women for sex. The more I brought women home the more my confidence improved and the more I was able to seduce hot women. Until one day when I had a lifestyle full of women.

If you want to succeed with women then take my advice. Promise yourself that you won’t watch porn or masturbate until you bring a woman home. Then make sure to stick to it. It will be hard for a week or two but soon you will be out meeting women and before you know you will be sleeping with attractive women.

Hope You Will Take This Advice To Heart And Act On It!
Take Care!

12 Amazing Sex positions To Spice Your Love Life!

Sexual Dissatisfaction is the number one cause for women cheating on men. Studies show that majority of men are bad in bed. As a consequence a small percentage of men have sex with majority of women.

Good, fulfilling and satisfactory sex is a very important and needed for a happy-successful relationship.

Here are twelve sex positions that will help you spice up sex life and give toe-curling pleasure to women:

Woman On Top

With the man lying on his back on the bed, the woman can sit astride him and control the pace of their lovemaking. Facing him, she may squat on her haunches for a more powerful bouncing movement, or, as here, kneel, supporting herself with her hands. This way, she is free to lean forward and kiss his mouth. From this position it is easy for her to increase the intimacy by lying with her whole body along his. A variation is for her to face away from him, increasing the depth of penetration.

Doggy Style

Deep penetration can be achieved with the woman on all fours and her partner kneeling behind her. This position gives both lovers the opportunity to thrust against one another, and the man may also caress his partner’s breasts, buttocks and clitoris. Rear entry positions like this one are ideal when both partners are in the mood for vigorous rather than tender lovemaking. A variation is for both partners to stand with the woman bending forward and supporting herself against furniture.

Cross Buttocks

Here the woman lies on her back on the bed and the man lies diagonally across her. She opens her legs to allow him to enter and he rocks gently from side to side. She can guide his movements with the pressure of her hands. This position is somewhat easier to maintain if the man lies beneath on his back and the woman is in control.

Stand And Deliver

Stand at the edge of a bed or desk while she lies back and raises her legs to her chest. Her knees are bent as if she’s doing a “bicycling” exercise. Grab her ankles and enter her. Thrust slowly as the deep penetration may be painful for her.

Have her place her heels on your shoulders, which will open her hips so her labia press against you. Encourage her to play with her clitoris manually. Also, show her that she can control your penetration by flexing her thighs.

Stand And Carry

In this position, the man should stand and hold his partner in his arms. The woman should wrap her legs around his waist and place her arms over his shoulders. This position works best if you start off sitting and can be very strenuous. The man can lower his partner onto a table or bed to relieve some of the stress and continue thrusting without much exertion.

The Ballerina

A unique twist on the Dancer position, the Ballerina position is a lot of fun if you are looking for something with more face-to-face contact. Both partners simply stand facing each other, the receiver raises one of their legs to give easier access while their partner helps support it. If the receiver is not very flexible, you may want to try putting the raised leg onto the hip of the giver.


If you weren’t sure what it was, this is it people. This is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Either partner can be on top, but performing fellatio is significantly more difficult when in the bottom position… just remember not to forget to stop and enjoy being on your sides between switching!


The bodyguard is a rear-entry position with all the intensity of doggy style, with the connectivity of a side-by-side position, and with the eroticism that comes with the uniqueness of all of the standing positions. To get in this position, the receiver simply stands in front and is penetrated from behind.

This position is especially good in allowing both partners access to touch and caress each other’s bodies, so make sure to keep those hands occupied!

The only difficult part of this sex position is aligning the genitals which can be quite a problem for some couples. The easiest fixes are: standing on a stair, foot stool, couch cushion or, if you are up to it, maybe some heels.

Reverse Mastery Position | Lap Dance Position

The reverse mastery position is one of the highest rated; it puts the receiver on top while keeps penetration mobility high and its rear entry while remaining very intimate. To get into the position, the receiver sits, facing away, on top of their sitting partner. The reverse mastery position is incredibly versatile, so make sure to experiment with it on other furniture… a few ideas to help get those creative juices flowing: a chair, stairs, or the edge of the bathtub.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars is the Rear Entry position with the giver on top but facing the receiver’s feet. Getting into the position is a little trickier than usual. The receiver lies face-down on the bed and has the giver lay on top of them. As the position will put the penis at an unusual angle from the giver’s body (i.e. pointing downwards) care should be taken to not strain the penis further than it is comfortably capable of flexing!

Woman On Top – See Saw Position

A very intimate position, the seesaw will definitely bring you and your partner closer. To get into this position, the giver sits up with his legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs planted on either side. Although movement is limited, don’t underestimate the passion that can be experienced using it.

Man On Top – Peace Sign

“Make love, not war” has a whole new meaning with this position. In it, the woman keeps her legs closed during penetration. The man places his legs on the outside of hers. This is a fantastic position for intense stimulation for both partners, particularly if your bodies “fit” together well. Either or both partner can squeeze their legs tighter—woman’s together and/or man’s against the woman’s (although this alters the “peace sign” visual effect)—and the woman can also concentrate on squeezing her PC muscles to contract around the penis.

Be adventurous and follow your instincts. Allow self to be overtaken by lust half way up the stairs or while talking in the kitchen. The important thing is to engage all your instincts and feelings, while remaining acutely aware of your partner’s responses.

Spontaneity with sexual behavior keeps women on their toes. It makes sex interesting and fun. Very few men can deliver this experience to women. Once you master the art of sex women will keep coming back to you for more sex.

If you want to master the art of sex and become masterful lover I highly recommend you watch sex education videos made by Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely.

Ryan and her friends have done an amazing job at demonstrating various sex positions and their effects on women. Her sex education program has received rave reviews from media and men.

You can get more information about her program here: Porn Star Sex Life – Sexual Positions.