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How To Ask A Girl To Have Sex With You When You Meet Her For The First Time

Hey man, today I will teach you 2 great ways to ask a girl to have sex with you when you meet her the first time.

Let me start by saying: you never ask a girl to have sex with you. You arouse a woman step by step and get her ready to have sex with you.

The first step to having sex with a woman is to generate massive sexual tension. Make extended eye contact with her, touch her everywhere, go for the first kiss, increase it to a full blown make out and tongue her.

If she is responding well then keep escalating. Bite her neck, squeeze her hands, whisper dirty talk, pull her hair gently and initiate sex. If you don’t know how to do this then watch TEASE videos on how to meet a girl and generate fast sexual tension. You can watch the video here: Attraction Bible

Here are a few ways to initiate sex depending on where you are:

If you are at a public venue, you have 2 choices:
Initiate Sex In the Bathroom: When a woman is aroused and ready to have sex, she does not care where it happens. I have had sex with women in public places dozens of time. But please know you’re local and state laws because it may not be legal where you are and you do not want to get in trouble.

In this case, I keep escalating my touch and kisses. Then walk a few steps towards the bathroom. Stop on the way then kiss some more, say something like I can’t hold back any longer then softly bite her on her lips and neck and walk again towards the restroom. I pause again outside the restroom, repeat my kiss, touch and talk then take her by the hands and walk straight into the restroom and to an empty stall. Then it’s on.

If there is an attendant, I hand him a generous tip. Sometimes when I know I will have sex with the woman, I go to the restroom and tip the attendant in advance. Then when I come to the restroom he has already blocked a stall for me with out of order sign.

When You Take Her Home:

When it’s time to take a woman home I never ask her if she wants to come over instead say something romantic and lead her.

I say one of the following three:
1. I just look in her eyes and say you know you are going home with me.

2. I make it sound a bot more romantic. I am not letting you go – we have to spend the night together. I don’t care if we walk the streets all night long like a couple of homeless but we are going to be together tonight.

3. I look in her eyes then whisper in her ear: I want you right now and walk towards the exit with her. I stop again, look in her eyes and ask: You ok with it? They usually say yes or they ask what should they do with their car etc.

When I get into the car, I make sure to do something to keep the woman aroused. I know if I were to drive for 20 minutes the sexual tension will die and she may not want to have sex anymore.

So when I drive I do one of the 2 things:
1. I look at her and say: Pull your pants down, start masturbating but make sure you do not cum.” They usually ask once what did I say? I look in their eyes and say again: “Pull your pants down and start masturbating. Make sure you do not come.” I have never had a woman say no to this.

I know this sounds very shocking to most men. They assume no woman would ever do this. But the truth is completely different. Women love masturbating in the car. They experience sexual freedom in such acts. You see women are told all their lives to be a good girl and don’t do bad things. So doing this bad thing liberates them. In fact, I make most of my girlfriends masturbate in the car from time to time just to give them a good experience. I only do this at night to make sure no one can see inside.

Then once they start masturbating, I ask them if they want me to talk dirty to them. They usually say yes. I then ask them how to touch themselves. I will as them to tell me how they taste. They will usually offer me their finger for a taste and I say no I will taste you later right now I want you to tell me how you taste. You can then talk as much dirty stuff as you want.

I then remind them again NOT to CUM. This is important because if they have an orgasm they will ask you to turn around.

2. You could also use a simple version of this if you find this too much. You could simply drive home and talk dirty to her. Ask her what type of bra she is wearing and ask her to define in detail. Then ask her what type of panties she is wearing and once again ask her to tell you to color, the fabric and all the details about it. You can keep going deeper and ask more probing questions. Tell me what do you wear when you go to bed. Do you wear panties, do you wear a bra, do you like sleeping naked. Ask her if she ever fantasies about having her wrist tied with her bra, being taken by a man etc. The idea is to keep talking sensual dirty stuff and keep her aroused until you reach home and can have sex with her.

Side note: Often times a woman will take you home with her. This usually happens when she has another friend with her and she does not want to leave her friend/friends behind. This is why I teach my clients that they should never ignore the friends of the woman they like because they can create objection in the end or support taking you home. And I advise clients to go out alone because women will be ok taking you home but not your friend. He could end up being a deal killer for you.

I teach these moves to my clients and it works like Magic for them so use it and see how easy it is to initiate sex with a girl for the first time.