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How To Get A Woman’s Phone Number | How To Get A Girls Phone Number | How To Ask A Woman For Her Phone Number

Hey man, today I will teach you my Golden Technique on How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number. You Will Learn How To Ask A Woman For Her Phone Number If You Just Met Her.

I will make it better by teaching you a golden technique to take her out on a date right away even before you ask for her phone number.

Basically, every man who likes a woman talks to her for a while then asks for her phone number so he can text and ask her out. Women know this game and are bored of it. You take the advantage of this fact and do what other men don’t do: Take Her On An Instant Date As Opposed To Asking For Her Phone Number. Why get her number and chase her to come out for a date when you can take her on a date right away.

This is new, it is refreshing, it stands you apart from other men and women have no clue how to handle this situation so it works almost every time.

So when you meet a woman you like, instead of ending the conversation say something like:”You are a very interesting person, now I want to know more about you! Let’s have a cup of coffee/juice/drink.” and take her on an instant date. If you want to see this in action watch this video where I approach a woman on the street and take her on an instant date:

Now if you really cannot go on an instant date because you or the woman cannot make it, give this woman your phone number instead of asking for her’s. Once again she is expecting you to ask for her phone number and chase her like other men do. But by offering your number and saying text me if you want, you demonstrate that you are not like other men and that you are not dying to be with her. Women are not ok with men not liking them a 100%. This makes her want to chase you and make you like her. Now she is the one after you.

Most guys wait until the end of their interaction and get her phone number as a prize for their interaction. You don’t want to be that guy. You don’t want to show you care about getting her phone number. So the best strategy is to find a reason to ask her phone number in the beginning or middle stages of your interaction. Maybe you guys are talking about a venue, a topic or a music album. Ask her to give you her phone number so you can send her whatever it is you are talking about.

Make it sound more like a business deal. That you are only asking for her phone number to send her something and not because you are interested in her. It makes it easy for her to give you her number and she will respond right away when you text because she is not expecting you to ask her out on a date.

When you text a woman, don’t make the mistakes other men make and drive her away. Watch my video on texting rules so you can create a strong connection with her.

Hope This Helps!