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How To Talk To A Woman And Make Her Like You | How To Talk To A Girl You Like

Hey man, this is Magic from Attraction methods and today I will teach you how to talk to women, control your interaction and lead it to create a connection as opposed to boring her and losing any connection you had with her.

In this lesson, you will notice how I embed various conversation principles to make her like me, make her drop guards around me, lead the conversation in the direction of sex to arouse her and lead her to bed. I will accomplish all of this using everyday conversation that seems natural and harmless, appears down to earth and not bragging and gets women invested in you on an emotional level. There are a lot of little nuggets through this lesson so watch it all the way to the end, in fact, watch it a couple of times so you can really absorb everything and master your interaction with women.

A hook is a conversation theme that you use to engage a woman and lead her all the way to sex. A Hook is used mainly to attract her on a logical level. It used to steer her thoughts in your favor, to plant ideas in your favor, help her drop guards and open up sexually and of course to like you.

A hook is like a Trunk of your interaction tree. All your communication and flirting branches from this trunk.

The purpose of the hook it to:
1. Make her drop guards and open up to you
2. Make her develop a liking for you
3. Stand You Apart From Other Men
4. Lead Her Step By Step To Having Sex With You

A hook can be a statement or a story about you or anything interesting to engage her. So for example, I often tell women that I am a photographer. Then I talk about photography to stand apart from other men, to make her like me and to drop her guards around me.

I will then use my photography to start a sexual conversation, arouse her and lead her to have sex with me. I will also use it to eliminate all her objections. So you see the entire conversation revolves around photography and so photography or being a photographer is my hook.

This theme is interesting, it is real, it is personal to me and it allows me to achieve all my goals. That is what makes a great hook. I’ll give you an example in a minute.

Once you have a good hook, you never have to worry about what to say. Your conversation flows naturally. You simply talk about something that is personal to you and keep embedding various elements to engage her, to make her like you, to arouse her, to eliminate objections and to lead her to have sex with you.

The best part, this time you won’t get caught up in aimless conversation. You will be able to have a purposeful conversation that leads to something sexual.

When clients come to my workshop, I spend a good time, helping them build a strong hook. Once they have a strong unique hook they are able to engage women and seduce them effortlessly.

Here is an example: When I meet a woman I tell her I am a photographer. I will then say that I wish I could one of those guys who can do a 9-5 job but that is not me. I value my freedom too much. I am one of those who will sit at the beach for 5 hours and stare at the ocean.

I will pack my bags at a moment’s notice and fly to another world. I love that with my work I meet great people all over the world and become friends with them above all I can make money anywhere in the world. But yes, there are times I wish I was more disciplined or driven like you to do great things.

( So you see how much I accomplished in this paragraph. I stand apart from other men and talk about having a fun and alternative lifestyle that gives me everything I want. I can travel when I want, make money when and where I want, make great friends. And this establishes me as an interesting guy.

I also subtly make her realize that men who work 9-5 have a boring life and chances are that even she has a boring life. But you see I keep saying I wish I was more like other men, I wish I was more disciplined or driven like other men which basically keeps my statement from coming across as a bragging statement. It is like a famous celebrity saying I wish I no one knew me and I had a quiet life – well you don’t. So I use my photography theme to stand apart.)

Then I can show her some photos of my work or talk about some women I worked with to make her realize I hang out with good looking women all the time.

I can turn this sexual. I talk about how women love showing their nude bodies, or that women have deep sexual fantasies that they are afraid to bring out in front of their boyfriends that they are totally comfortable displaying it while modeling because they won’t get judged for it.

I never understand why men would judge. I want my women to be completely open and free about sex. On the contrary, I want to do so many dirty things to her that she feels ashamed herself for doing those dirty things when she wakes up in the morning. So now I am conveying how women open up to me sexually and that I am sexually open minded that I can offer something in bed that her that other men will never offer.

I can then use it to compliment her and tell her she has great eyes, or hair to be a model.

I can use this to compliment her friend and so on.

So you see I can use photography to lead her all the way. I can build value for myself, eliminate her objections, arouse her, win over her friends and lead her to bed with the conversation that seems natural. Now, this is a great hook. It is interesting. It is personal so I can speak on it for ages. I can use it to lead her in any direction I want and make her like me anyways I want while keeping the conversation sound natural-everyday talk.

By the way, this hook works for everyone and every field. It works for businessmen, doctors, engineers, accountants and everything else. Just try to replace the above paragraph with something you do and you will see how good it fits. Of course, you will need to make a few tweaks.

Also, you can have one hook and have your entire conversation revolve around it or use multiple hooks to carry different conversations. So, for example, you can talk about being a photographer to initiate a sexual conversation then later talk about working as a lawyer and talk about how it gets you to travel the world and meet some great people and so on.

And one last thing, you obviously go back and forth with this hook. You don’t just talk straight for an hour. You ask her a question then wait for her to ask you a question and respond with one part of the hook. Then later you ask another question or make a statement and inject second part of the hook. This way it is a two-way interaction and not just you talking her head out.

So now I want you to take a pen and a paper and write down something unique about you. It could be your profession, hobby, skill or a trait. Then ask if it is something that:
1. Sounds Interesting
2. Shows You Are Different Than Other Men
3. Allows You To Inject Sex And Humor
4. Allows You To Give Her A Genuine Compliment

Hope this helps and I’ll talk to you soon!

Next, plan some questions or statements that you can use when talking to a woman the next time and execute this hook.

Now you have a conversation plan to engage and lead women.