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How To Text A Girl | How To Text A Woman | How To Text A Woman For The First Time

Hey, this is Magic from and today I will teach you how to text a girl the right way and get her to respond right awayl.

Here you go:

1. You can text her when you want. There is no good or bad time but there is a good or bad first text message. Generally, I send a text to her right away when I take her number. This way she has my number and I do not have to remind her who I am when I text her.

2. Take her phone and type your name. Better if you can add something so she remembers who you are. So maybe you were teasing her a lot or calling your drunk or talking about a rock star. In these situations you can type your name: “Magic The TEASE” or “Magic The Alcoholic” Or “Magic The Michael Jackson”. She does not have anyone’s name stored this way. And every time she will get a call or text from you she will instantly transport to this happy moment with you which is important. When you text or call her, if she already remembers the feeling of having a good time with you, she is more like to respond quickly and positively.

You can also take a photo together and assign to the contact in her phone.

You could also save her name in this manner in your phone and send her a screenshot of how she appears on your phone. You can send this screenshot to initiate the text.

If you ever reach a dead end with her, you could send a text message with that screenshot by saying one of my friends saw your name and was awfully confused with the title and leave it at that…she will 100% take the bait and respond. This is a great way to restart dead conversations

3. Never start your text message with hey or hi or how are you doing or was nice meeting you last time. When you do that it is almost like starting a new conversation. It is too much work to build connection again and this usually drives women away. Instead, send her a text message from the high point of your conversation. This the point where you both were having a lot of fun and shared a great connection. So let’s say you both were teasing each other then send the first text as a tease if you were joking send the first text as a joke, if you were talking about something let’s say an actor or a place make the first text about that topic. This way it does not feel like a new interaction but a continuation of the conversation from the moment you both had a good connection.

4. Never get sexual or romantic via text message even if she initiates it. This is the fastest way to kill the tension between the two of you. You express all romantic/sexual fantasies and she does the same. Except you are not able to take it to the next level because you are not next to each other. You should ONLY flirt when you are next to a woman because then when she flirts back you can, touch her, kiss her and take her home.

5. I ask a woman out on a date like I ask my friend to come out to meet me. I like to keep it simple.

I never make plans in advance. 9 out of 10 times those plans do not work.

I usually text her and make the plans for the same day, probably a few hours later for the same day. So I may text her at 1 in the afternoon and ask her to meet me for coffee on her way back from work. Or that I’ll text her around 5 and say I feel like drinking tonight and ask her to join me at so and so bar etc.

This usually works best because it sounds like a friend asking her out and it seems spontaneous not preplanned therefore she not feel the pressure of going on a romantic date. And once she meets you can pick up on flirting again.

If you follow this guideline you will always succeed with women.