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Clients often ask me is: “When to make a move on a woman? When to make the first move on a girl you like? When is the right time to start touching a woman, to go for the kiss, to ask her on a date, to start texting her and so on”.

Well here is the deal. There are very few moves that are time-based most moves depend on how comfortable she feels around you. If you are using the TEASE moves, generally speaking, you should go from meeting to sex in under an hour.

Here is a rough breakdown of the timeline when you are using TEASE Model:

(When To Make The First Move On A Woman)
The beginning stage lasts between 1-5 Minutes from the minute you see her

If She Is By Herself, Do The Following:

Eye Contact:
Make an extended eye contact before you approach her or right as you approach her. Look in her eyes a second longer than usual then slowly look away.

Touch her as soon as you approach her. Make an extended handshake, hold her hand as long as you can without making her feel uncomfortable or touch her on the shoulder if she is standing next to you or touch her knees if she is sitting next to you.

You can also compliment her right away but do it in a manner that does not make you look desperate.

When She Is With Her Friends
You can touch, make eye contact and compliment right away but whatever you do to her you need to do to her friend as well or she will get uncomfortable.

So if you hold her hand a second longer during the handshake, hold her friend’s hand longer as well. If you tell your girl she is pretty, follow it by telling her friend she is gorgeous too. If you only talk to the girl you like and ignore her friend she will begin to feel pressured and end the conversation.

When She Is With A Group
You need to make extended eye contact right away and initiate the first touch within 2-3 minutes of joining the group. You do not have to make eye contact or touch the rest of the group but you do have to introduce and make small talk to the group before you start flirting with her.

If You Meet At The Workplace
The best strategy in the workplace is to make eye contact and go for the extended handshake. You do not want to push any harder to make sure she does not get uncomfortable. This should be enough for her to know how you feel towards her and trigger feelings in her for you.

Middle Stage (5-30mins) (Getting Physical With A Girl)

We start creating a connection and seduce her in this stage.

We ask personal questions in this stage to create a connection and show her we like her. So I would ask something about her work or family then give her a unique compliment and finish it by saying: You are very different, I am glad I ran into you tonight.

You use the level 2 touches from the TEASE model and keep escalating until you kiss her. In this stage, you increase the frequency and the intensity of the touch while evaluating her comfort level and acceptance.

In this stage, you play with her hair, brush on her arms, hold her hands, breathe on her neck, make extended eye contact and go for the kiss.

How you go about doing this is that you initiate the first move, if she does not back off or gets uncomfortable you execute the next move and the next move until the kiss happens.

Now if at any stage she hesitates, pulls back, pushes you away, tells you that you are moving too fast or gives any other negative sign you stop right away.

You then build value for yourself, talk some more, and give more compliments to create a connection. Then make extended eye contact with her and step closer to her. If she maintains eye contact and is comfortable with you stepping close, then you can use the next touch and move forward. If she still hesitates you step back and build more value.

If she has a friend with her, make sure you do not ignore her. Engage her in the conversation as well! Touch her as well just keep the sexual touches for your girl.

Final Stage (30 mins – 1 hour) (Sex)

This is where you arouse her to the point of no return.
Go for a serious make out, give tongue, kiss her all over, gently pull her hair, gently bite her neck, squeeze her palms, lick her fingers.

You can also talk dirty things to her. Tell her she is in trouble, that she deserves to be spanked, that you want to do dirty things to her, you are losing control and so on. Ask her if she is wet, ask her if she tastes sweet or salty and if it is not right she will be punished for it.

Ask her to taste her self before she answers. If she offers you a taste say no, I will taste later when I am ready. The more you make her wait when she is aroused the more eager and desperate she will become to have you.

No man has ever talked to her this way or made her act this dirty, not even her boyfriend. This makes you a SEX GOD to her and she can’t hold back any longer. She is curious and wants to experience all the dirty things you will do to her.

At this point, she will reciprocate the kisses and touch. She will talk dirty as well or at least have a sexual response to your dirty talks. She will touch and kiss you madly as well.

When this happens, you can take her by the hands to the restroom and have sex there, in your car if it parked outside or leave for home.

Disclaimer: please know your local laws and make sure you do not get into trouble – it is not worth the risk

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Hope this helps!