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One of the questions I get all the time is clients asking what should they talk about after saying hello.

What you say is less important and why you say is more important.

What you say next in the conversation depends on the outcome you are after. Are you looking to ask her phone number, do you want to take her on an instant date, do you want to ask her out on a date at a later time or do you want to have sex with her right away?

When clients come to my workshop, I teach them to go for sex right away. If for some reason it does not work out you can always set up a date for a later time or exchange numbers.

I find asking a woman on a date or taking her phone number to be a very slow approach.

No matter what you talk about, it should arouse her and pave the path to having sex.

I lead a woman to go a date or having fast sex with me by putting her in the frame that she is different and better than other women because she does not follow traditional rules. I tell her that I like that she does what she wants to even if other women would never do that. I tell her that unlike other women she is not shy but adventurous and open to trying new things. Now she complies because she wants to continue to come across as adventurous and openminded and boring and safe.

Women are tied down by traditional values so they often hesitate to move fast. With my conversation frame, I free them up and they no longer hold back.

This is how I lead her step by step to where I want her and eliminate all her hesitations and objections even before they come up.

Here is a general example:
Me: Hey
Her: Hi
Me: I will go right away into setting the frame by saying: I like your outfit and had to compliment you on it. Most women are too shy to wear something like this and I can tell you must be a very confident woman to wear this. (I differentiated her from other women. Said she does not follow tradition and other women will never do what she does.)

Let’s just say we exchanged names after Hi:
Her: My name is Jackie
Me: Jackie? Wow, I would have never guessed it. No offense to all the Jackies in the world but I find Jackie’s usually are very shy and traditional and you clearly are very confident, modern and broadminded. Umm, I think we need to change your name. (Once again I tell her she is different and better than any other Jackie I know. And I am telling her she is modern, confident and not traditional. This helps later when I go for the kiss or try to take her home.

Going for the kiss

At that point, I can simply lean in and say if you were a traditional Jackie I would never do this. but you are an amazing Jackie and I have to kiss you – then go for the kiss. ( So I made her feel special about the kiss. It also feels natural and connected to what we are talking about and it justifies me going for the kiss because I see her special. At this point, she will kiss me because she knows not kissing me would make her traditional and she may lose her “cool status”.)

And you can talk about anything as long as it helps reach this goal. I find that the simple, everyday topics are better to accomplish your goal than using pickup or other gimmicky stuff that raises her defenses. You can:
1. Talk about her surroundings
2. Talk about her work and life
3. Hare some story with her
4. Make a reading of her based on her appearance
5. And even politics or religion if you want – it does not matter

Just use her responses to make her feel special and different. Use her responses to eliminate her objections, to create a connection and to get sexual.

Think of 3-4 topics in advance and how you can lead a woman with them. Then go out and practice them. This is exactly how my clients start getting results overnight after training with me in person and this is how you will begin to make progress.

Hope this helps!