When clients come to my workshop the very first thing I do is focus on discovering what makes them less appealing to women. Then I fix it.

The way a woman feels when you first meet her makes a huge difference in how your relationship will progress. It also determines how you will evolve as an individual.

If a woman finds you desirable she will make it easy for you to get her and your interaction will lead to something. She will start experiencing pleasurable thoughts about you and will be open to engage. As this pattern continues, you build additional confidence. You enjoy approaching women because you know your approach will lead to results. You are able to make choices in a relationship because you are not afraid of her walking away. This is the type of relationship that feels very satisfactory.

But if she does not like you; you will have to work very hard to get her. If she does not experience sexual feelings for you she will, at most, become friends with you. And even if you get her to be with you will never feel secure. It will always feel like hard work to convince her to stay with you. You will never be able to enjoy the relationship to it’s full potential and will be occupied keeping her in relationship with you. This will give you lot of anxiety and will cause you to not want to approach her.

I will share with you another discovery I have had: Men who are liked by women are generally liked by ALL women.

When I was learning to become good with women I wanted to become just good enough to attract and date that one special  girl. But soon I realized that the only way to make that possible was to develop a great first impression – which is universally appealing to women.

At first I thought it was impossible because I was not good looking or wealthy but soon I realized that there are other things that can build a strong first impression (impressions that get women sexually excited). I soon realized that everything from my skin color, to my thick Indian accent, education, career, and beer belly could be used to generate strong first impressions. Yes, even your flaws can be used as your strengths if you know how to use them.

Example: A guy with a beer belly is not fat, he is someone who does not need to compete with other men. I used to have a friend who was a hairstylist, when I first met him I thought he wouldn’t be able to get laid if his life depended on it. Why? Because he had a big belly and used to wear tight-fitting shirt that put all the focus on his belly. But women found this very attractive. They saw him as an alpha male who had no need to “fit in” to get the girls. Of course he had an attitude to match it.

So you see, your limitation can be your biggest asset if you know how to play it. It will make women curious as to why you are this way. They will see you as a strong/superior man for living life on your terms. And women are always sexually drawn to strong men (specifically emotionally and mentally strong).

If you can learn to use your assets and limitations to cast a strong first impression, you will never lose a single woman in your life.

But if you cannot do this – you will lose woman after woman because you’ll never make a woman feel special in your company. You might get lucky from time to time but you will never have a real sense of control in your dating life. You will never be able to generate that strong desire in a woman for you and as a result she will never experience a strong connection with you.

The only way to have guaranteed success with women is by learning how to get women sexually aroused every time you talk to them.

If you are ready to end this cycle of loneliness and powerlessness, if you never want to be treated poorly by women or allow them to take advantage of you or use you, if you never want to be cheated on or rejected again, if you are ready to choose who you date and are affectionate with – when you want – then come to a workshop with me and I will change your life forever.

My workshop is not for everyone. This is not a workshop where you learn a pickup line and approach 500 women over three days. My training is about self-evolution. It is about becoming a better man and learning how to get a woman intimately excited about your personality and lifestyle.

My coaching is about learning female psychology and discovering how to make a woman see you as a sexual partner vs. a friend. If you understand the female sex circuitry and the dynamics that trigger female lust – you will be able to generate massive attraction every time you meet a woman using my teachings from the workshop.

My coaching is about learning how to steer dynamics in your favor so you can approach and get women every time without excuses. And the best part is that my coaching is very simple to learn and execute. There are no stories or dialogues to memorize. There are only small changes you make in your interactions that produces big results. As a result your success ratio will sky rocket.

The good thing about coming to a workshop is that you will not leave anything to chance. You will get the benefit of my 15 years of experience in this field. I will point out why why you have not been successful with women and I will get in your head and change how you think about women so that you become the man women want sexual and romantic relationships with.

If this is something that you’re interested in trying then find out more details about the program and sign up for a workshop phone consult with me here: Live Training Bootcamp With Magic

Take care!


P.S. If you live outside of US and cannot travel then download Attraction Bible. It has lots of valuable information about becoming charismatic around women and getting them excited with your presence. Go through the content and do the exercises in the book – it will make a huge difference in your interactions with women. This is the next best thing you can do outside of training with me. You can get Attraction Bible here: Attraction Bible