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Why You Should Stop Worrying and Start Talking

People judge you less than you judge yourself. Sometimes we’re so worried about other people’s opinion that we don’t go after the things we really want. Later, we beat ourselves up for backing away and if this pattern continues we soon lose confidence.

I see this weekend after weekend in my workshops. Clients are afraid to approach women and talk to them. They have a laundry list of excuses why approaching women is a bad idea. What will people think, what happens if she rejects me, what will she think of me and so on.

Well here is the thing no one cares about you. No one has time to observe you so no one is watching you approach.

Rejection is a big thing for you but the woman who just rejected you is not even thinking of you.

So every excuse you make is just an excuse. You know it and I know it.

The funny thing is that you hate yourself when you do not approach a woman but if you approach a woman you like and things do not go well, you still leave feeling like a winner. So why would you deprive yourself of this feeling?

You can fool yourself into thinking that I will go back, learn some moves, practice them in the mirror and will be more prepared for the next time but this will never happen.

This will never happen because the fear of rejection is just that – fear. It is not something you can overcome by speaking in front of the mirror or by memorizing lines. It will never disappear until you start facing it head-on.

Once you start facing your fears and realize nothing bad happens your fears will disappear.

Every Friday evening my workshop starts with a client having a strong fear of approaching women. I push him to start talking to women and all of a sudden his fear of approaching is gone.

Then he starts experiencing fear of flirting with women, making eye contact, asking women on a date, kissing them and I keep pushing him past his next fear.

The end result is that end of the second night my clients are talking about strategies on how to take a woman home as opposed to how to get over the fear of approaching. They have experienced so many positive outcomes that anxiety and fear are not even an issue. They are now thinking the advanced game.

And if you want to become good with women, this is what you need to do. Start talking to women and you will realize nothing bad will happen and soon your fear will disappear. You will then start to enjoy meeting women and seducing them for sex.

Get into the habit of facing one fear at a time. Make a commitment to making eye contact with 2 women every day then increase it to making eye contact with every woman who crosses your path.

Next, force yourself to say hello to 2 women and keep pushing until you can say hello to any woman who crosses your path.

When you go out to a bar or a restaurant, make small talk with bartender, server or cashier to start feeling social. Then force yourself to interact with 5 women.

Keep advancing! Start making small talks, flirting, touching, kissing and taking them home. Before you know you will have mastered your fear of women and sleeping with some very attractive women.

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